Your #1 Guide to Different Types of Video Poker Machines: Sensei’s Advice

Welcome young grasshopper! It’s me, Sensei Joe, with a fresh segment. Here I’ll be taking you through the different types of video poker. Video poker has been around for a long time, and it’s only natural to find yourself on the confusing end of the spectrum. The good news is that Gamble Sensei is here to explain everything to you in as much detail as possible.

All you need to do right now is sit back and pay close attention as we take a look at different video poker variations and discuss the various differences with each one. There’s no need to battle with understanding this game, just think of it as a simple game of poker.

What is Video Poker?

A casino will have an overwhelming selection of video poker games. The majority of them are either Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better variations. There are a few video poker games that aren’t variants on one of these two themes, but for the vast majority, they’re all variants that are based on one of these two concepts.

How to Play Video Poker

Don’t be concerned if you’re new to video poker, as there are thousands of gamers learning how to play the game every day. And you’ll discover that the gameplay is quite basic. The following are the procedures for playing online video poker:

  • From 1 to 5, select the number of coins to wager.
  • Deal should be clicked.
  • Choose which cards to keep; the others will be trashed.
  • Select Draw.
  • If your current hand qualifies for a payment, you will be compensated in accordance with the paytable.

As you can tell, the process is quite straightforward and there are very few differences across each variation. The only thing to do is to get a hold of the basics, and you’ll be all set. Keep in mind that the process I’ve listed above is merely how the game is played. You’ll need to have a good understanding of poker hands to find success.

Video Poker Variations

There are different types of video poker games available, and if I were to go through all of them, we’d be here all week. However, there are various categories, and each game can fall into a specific category similar to other casino games, which will make games easier to find.

Low Pay and Full Pay

Video poker evolved from the basic 5-card draw tabletop poker, the easiest variation of poker that’s rarely used in tournament play or casinos. These machines were originally known as Draw Poker, a title that’s now evolved into Jacks or Better.

It’s the foundation of the majority of video poker varieties, and when played correctly with the ideal technique, it offers a 99.54% RTP rate. This figure indicates that if you bet $100 on this title, you may anticipate winning $99.54 over the long term.

This proportion, however, is typical and only applies to the full pay variation of video poker, where prizes are substantial. Within a full pay game, the successful hands are Jacks or Better remain quite standard and are graded similarly to conventional poker, with a Full House reward of 9 times the stake. A successful Flush hand gives out 6 times the stake.

This is the reason full pay variants are known as 9/6 games, and when evaluating various video poker versions, you should always look at the way the two hands are treated. Generally, this data should be published in the paytable of each title so that players may view it. Several games with a greater payout percentage have been developed, and most of the best online casinos provide a minimum of one or two varieties with a yield of more than 99.54%.

Low-pay titles have a low 95% return rate. This clearly enhances the house advantage and makes the game less appealing to participants. For instance, a common 6/5 Jacks or Better title cuts the payoff for a Full House all the way to 6 times the stake and the payment for a Flush to 5 times the stake.

Multi-Hand and Single-Hand

The vast bulk of video poker titles are played only once. This implies that, like in traditional table poker, the player only wagers on a single hand at a time. Nevertheless, in the last several years, so-called “power” poker titles have emerged. These are multi-hand online video poker variations in which three, five, or even up to one hundred hands can be played at the same time.

The multi-hand game begins with a standard 5-card hand. You decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard. When you press the Draw tab, the cards you’re holding are divided into various hands – if it’s a 100-play event, the hands would be 100.

However, the stake you’ve selected to put is placed separately for each hand. As a result, each poker hand not only comes with its individual deck, but also with its unique stake. Therefore, in a 100-play online video poker title, if you participate with 5 coins with each hand, you’re effectively betting 500 coins on every hand. If the coin has a value of $0.25, you’ll bet $125 per deal or per hand.

Many players are drawn to multi-hand online video poker games because they frequently give bigger rewards for a portion of the successful hands. In certain cases, they contain Wild Cards like Jokers, which makes winning easier.

Other Variations of Video poker

Video poker versions abound in both brick and mortar and online casinos, with rewards ranging from basic to complicated, bountiful to low. Despite the fact that there are over one hundred of them, the majority of them are modelled either on 9/6 Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild. The most major distinctions between the titles are the modifications in paytables, which have a substantial impact on the return rate of each variant.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is one of the most renowned types of video poker that can be discovered in most online casinos. Similar to Jacks or Better, this game comes in many forms and dimensions and is played with a solitary deck of 52 playing cards. The intriguing element is that the four available Deuces act as Wild Cards.

This allows you to complete a successful hand by substituting any of the issued cards with a Two/Deuce. Three of a Kind represents the lowest hand that’s found on the paytable and is rewarded equally. However, Four Deuces represents the second-best hand following a Royal Flush.

Jacks or Better

This is by far the most basic video poker version, and it is frequently selected by beginner gamers. It boasts an appealing return rate of 99.54% in its 9/6 variant, however, there are lots of low payout Jacks or Better titles as well.

Jacks or Better, consisting of having a pair of Aces, Kings, Queens, or Jacks, is the lowest paying hand. This video poker hand is paid out equally, therefore if you hold a hand of Jacks or Better during the conclusion of the draw, you’ll get a payout according to your stake.

Another key element of most full-pay, single-hand Jacks or Better versions is the ability to double your earnings in a bonus phase every time you obtain Jacks or Better video poker hands.

Tens or Better

This video poker variant is similar to Jacks or Better in that it employs a single deck, as well as the victory poker hands, which are in an identical sequence. However, since the lowest paid video poker hand is a set of Tens, you can profit more regularly here.

The pay table has been changed to reflect this, with somewhat lower but more regular rewards than Jacks or Better. The full-pay version is commonly known as 6/5 Jacks or Better since the rewards for a Full House, as well as a Flush, are 6 or 5 times your wager, respectively, as contrasted to 9 and 6 times.

Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

These video poker titles may be the most lucrative of all, since players have the chance to win a massive prize. Progressive Video Poker titles are one in which one of the successful hands doesn’t pay off a predetermined sum of money, but rather a jackpot that continues to rise, or “advance.”

When many video poker devices of the same kind are connected in a network, a portion of each wager put on them is contributed to the grand prize. The jackpot-winning combo is occasionally a Royal Flush, but it may also be a Straight Flush as well as a Four of a Kind in certain variants.


When it comes down to choosing different types of video poker, always keep in mind the type of games that you generally enjoy. This will make it easier to pick something that appeals to you and your style of gameplay. However, don’t shy away from trying new games – how else are you supposed to discover new things? Ultimately, there are hundreds of video poker games out there and all you need to do is find the right one for you but remember to play free video poker games before hopping in with not much practice.


How many types of video poker casino games are available and where can I find them?

If you’re looking for all the different types of video poker games, then check out what I have to offer on this site. Here you’ll find everything from Deuces Wild to Jacks or Better. There are also plenty of world-class online casinos that specialise in offering video poker.

Where can I find different types of video poker slots, and do these differ from normal slots?

Contrary to popular belief, there’s a huge difference between video poker and video slots. The latter is a game of chance that operates based on an RTP (Return to Player) rate and an RNG (Random Number Generator). Video poker requires skill and knowledge of poker hands before you can start playing.