Your Guide to Free Video Poker with Sensei Joe: Find My Top Tips!

Welcome young grasshopper! It’s me, Sensei Joe, well of course you know who I am, I’m only the most renowned online gaming expert on the planet. I’m sure you’ve heard of video poker, but have you heard of free video poker? Here we’ll be checking out everything that you’ll need to know about playing video poker for free along with some other important factors that should be considered. 

By the end of this segment, you should have a good understanding of free video poker online. If not, we’ll just have to go through all this again. But if you do manage to understand everything on the first go, then your trustworthy Gamble Sensei will give you a set of golden nun chucks – I won’t, but that should motivate you. 

How to Play Video Poker

There are two kinds of video poker games: tournament and ring games. Ring games are the classic format of free video poker online slot games. They have no determined end time, and players are completely welcome to enter and exit whenever they choose.  

Tournaments will begin at a predetermined time, generally when the required number of participants enter the lobby. Those that forfeit all their game chips when playing are knocked out player by player until just the victor remains. 

The basic flow of the game is as follows: 

  • Set your bet 
  • The first hand is received 
  • Choose the cards you’ll hold 
  • The second hand is received 
  • Outcome 

As you can see, it’s quite like a slot, as there’s not much to do in the game. Much like other free casino games, free video poker can help you in a variety of ways. 

Free vs. Real Money

Free games are ideal for individuals seeking pure amusement. It’s simple to understand how free video poker remains popular, with no sign-up, enrolment, or money necessary. Nevertheless, if you want to experience the ultimate excitement of winning money, be sure you understand the advantages and downsides. 

Even if you know where to play free video poker that’s the most fun, you cannot win real money. When you’re ready to game for real cash, there are a few points to consider. 

  • Use only trustworthy casinos
  • When setting up and connecting your bank account, consider that withdrawal transactions must be made using the same manner as deposits. 
  • After you’ve narrowed down your choices, look into incentives and make use of them to increase your video poker budget

The Best Free Video Poker Variations

Because there are so many sorts of the best free video poker games, I’ve reduced it to six. You’ll undoubtedly meet these video poker types at numerous real money casinos as well as free to play online casinos, even if you’re gaming on a PC or a mobile device. 

Deuces Wild

In the renowned free Deuces Wild poker game, the 2s act as wildcards. A royal flush that has at least one 2 card results in a large payoff, whilst the natural royal flush remains preferable. This video poker game has a return of 100.7%, which suggests that players have an advantage when playing for real money, but not when you play free video poker. 

Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker seems to be a popular version in which players have access to two rewards, both of which are four-of-a-kind. This free video poker game is available at several reputable online casinos and gaming websites. 

Triple Play

Triple play is ideal for multitaskers since it allows you to play three poker hands at once. This is IGT’s most successful free and real cash video poker game.  

Jokers Wild

Jokers serve as wildcards, and a couple of kings or higher is necessary for a payment or a virtual money victory when gaming for free. The return on a basic tactic is 100.6%. This game uses 53 cards – a standard deck plus a joker

Double Double Bonus

This game pushes bonus payouts to new heights. With the inclusion of ‘kickers,’ it pays extra for four-of-a-kind wins. When using a simple approach, the payout is typically 100%, making for an engaging free-play poker game to perfect your skill. 

Multi Play

You can play as many poker hands of cards as you choose using Multi Play. Some games provide up to 50. Even skilled gamers play this at free casino sites to get a feel for the rewards. 

Playing on a Mobile Device

Mobile casinos became extremely popular, and it’s only natural that players look for the best mobile sites to enjoy their favourite games. You may play video poker completely free when you’re on the go if you own a tablet or a smartphone.  

The preceding step-by-step tutorial is also applicable on mobile. It’s very easy to begin practising video poker on any mobile device, and the action is the same when you start to play for real cash. So, if you find yourself locked out of your flat or stuck at the train station, this could be a good time to work on different strategies. 

Video Poker Tips and Tricks

Once you’ve become used to using these strategies in your free game strategy, you’ll do it naturally in real cash games. 

  • Look for uncomplicated combos such as pairs, threes, and fours. This is a clear strategy for guaranteeing a solid hand and securing some play chips to enhance your bankroll. 
  • Holding an unmatched card with the aim of getting a pair in the next deal is a bad idea.  
  • Match the greatest starting card in your poker hand. You’ll definitely have a more promising opportunity of obtaining a high-ranking poker hand. 
  • Every pair, regardless of how the hand scores, is worth retaining. You’re likely to dismiss your low combination and wind up with cards that are much worse. 
  • Always prefer a flush to a straight, but unless you’re trying for a royal flush, don’t split either poker hand. 


With video poker becoming more popular, it’s a great idea to try out some free games before you jump into a real money video poker game. There are plenty of available types of video poker to try, so give them a shot before committing to the most popular one. All I can do now is wish you the best of luck on your video poker journey. 


How can I find free video poker no download games and play them? 

You can play a lot of free video poker games right here, and there are also plenty of reliable online casinos that will allow you to play the game for free. Some sites will go as far as to give you a no-deposit casino bonus which will let you play for free, and you can keep your winnings. 

What are the top free video poker games, and where can I find them? 

There are so many video poker games to choose from, so ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what the best games are. However, keep in mind that some games have much better payout rates. These games can be found right here or on other reliable websites.