Understanding the Roulette Wheel Along with Everything Around It

Hey! I see you’re back again, it’s me Sensei Joe and here I have something particularly special for you! Have you ever looked at the roulette wheel and the rest of the table and become overwhelmed with confusion? Yeah, me too, young grasshopper. But fortunately, I’ve done a lot of digging and I’ve managed to make sense of everything that’s displayed on the board. Here we’ll be looking at the roulette table and everything that comes with it. By the end of this segment, you’ll have a complete understanding of what’s going on, and if you don’t – I’ll give you my 1000-year-old katana (I won’t). 

The Sequence of the Wheel

Understanding the configuration of the roulette wheel and the numbers will undoubtedly help you have a better understanding of online roulette. This should also help you to improve your skills because I want to see you win!  I propose that you become acquainted with the various roulette odds and possibilities while paying close attention to the advice that’s generally provided at the online casino or you can stay here and let me guide you – personally I’d go with the latter.  

You’ll discover that the sequence of the red-black numerical slots on the roulette table layout has little to do with their mathematical significance. It is one of the principles that, in theory, render roulette such a harmonious game. The number order is carefully constructed and accomplishes numerous tasks at once. 

The Logic Behind It

The order is perplexing. It is exceedingly difficult to glance at the wheel on the table and detect any relationship between the sectors and numbers. As a result, detecting any bias and betting on a certain sector is nearly difficult. Although professionals understand how the sequences work, beginners see it as utterly random. 

The colours black and red alternate entirely. Two neighbouring pockets on any sort of wheel should always be distinct colours. This is probably one of the most important factors regarding the roulette wheel. As often as feasible, the low and high roulette wheel numbers alternate. In European roulette, you will almost never encounter low and high digits adjacent to one another, apart from 5 and 10. 

The American roulette wheel isn’t very effective at establishing what the European and French wheels do. There are a lot of low and high digits that are next to each other. As a result, the European variant is considered to be the more proportionate of the two. Odd and even digits are scattered equally along the wheel. In the European wheel, no greater than two odd or even numerals are adjacent to each other. 

Wheel Sequences

While I’ve made it clear that each wheel has roulette wheel numbers in different positions, let’s take a deeper dive into that. Below, I’ve listed the American and European formats that can be found on common and not-so-common roulette variations in a counter-clockwise formation. 

  • European Wheel: 26-3-35-12-28-7-29-18-22-9-31-14-20-1-33-16-24-5-10-23-8-30-11-36-13-27-6-34-17-25-2-21-4-19-15-32-0 
  • American Wheel: 2-14-35-23-4-16-33-21-6-18-31-19-9-12-29-25-10-27-00-1-13-36-24-3-15-34-22-5-17-32-20-7-11-30-26-9-28-0 

One of the motives for that is the digits are not ordered consecutively because it confuses players. It’s far more difficult to take count which numbers appear when they’re strewn around the table. Those who wish to wager on a specific block of digits may be curious as far as how frequently the digits win, but the disorganised layout makes it tough to understand. 

The dispersion of the wheel table digits is equal on all types of wheels; the order is not determined by particular producers or game providers. The configuration of European and American wheels differs, but that is the sole distinction. Once you’ve seen one American wheel, they all look the same and the same can be said for its European counterpart. 

This is pretty much the basics of it and it can be quite confusing for new players, especially when you’re looking at a wheel for the first time. In my experience as a master roulette player, all you need to do is stay clear of American roulette and your odds of winning will certainly increase – all that you’ll need is some luck on your side. 


Understanding the roulette wheel and the table is an important part of the game. While it won’t directly impact your strategy or your odds of winning, it will help you when it comes down to making better decisions. I’ve taken you through some of the basics of roulette, but be warned young grasshopper, this is just the beginning of your journey to becoming a roulette master and playing on one of the best online casinos


What’s the main difference between the American and the European roulette board? 

The main difference between these boards is that the American version features a single zero and a double zero pocket, which increases the house edge. This is one of the reasons American roulette is one of the least favourite of all roulette variations.  

Does the roulette wheel layout matter and if it does, why does it matter so much? 

Even though the digits on the roulette wheel are not in order, there is a methodical pattern. Nevertheless, there are several varieties of roulette, so this influences how the wheel appears. American roulette has a different pattern compared to the French and European versions, but once you’ve seen either, they’ll all look the same. 

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