Your Guide to the Most Winning Online Roulette Strategy 

Hey! Welcome back young grasshopper, now that you’re ready for the next step in your roulette journey, we’ll be talking about the most effective online roulette strategy. It can be difficult to jump into a new game and find success by just using the basics. It’s just like you wouldn’t try to take on a samurai with a dagger, would you? There are a few important rules to follow when it comes to the optimal roulette winning strategy.  

It can be a lot to take in, so I hope you’ve brought a pen and some paper because you’d want to write this down. Also, always remember that the best roulette strategies won’t guarantee a win, but they can increase your odds of winning. Now that we’ve got the introduction out of the way, let’s dive into some exciting strategies. 

Choosing the Best Online Roulette Strategy

Not everyone can be a master of every weapon in my dojo – unlike me. And the same applies to the type of strategy that you choose while playing online roulette. Some of them are more aggressive and will rely on you going in for the kill. Whereas others are much more conservative or safer as they focus on prolonging your bankroll. Here, I’ve decided to provide you with a combination of both and this will cater to all of my students.  

Check Out Some Of The Strategies

martingale roulette strategy

Martingale Strategy

fibonacci roulette strategy

Fibonacci Strategy

d alembert roulette strategy

D’Alembert Strategy

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is arguably the best roulette strategy around. This essentially has you double the size of each bet that you make when you lose a round – I know it sounds insane. But once you win, you should get back all the cash that you’ve lost with a small profit. There’s a bit of a catch, as you’ll need to stick to ranged bets. This includes black/red, odd/even or 19-36/0-18, which means that you’ll be playing on the safer side. 

So, let’s say that you bet $20 on black, and you lose. Your next bet will be $40 and this will keep increasing with every loss that you take. There will be two outcomes, you’ll either win all of your money back like I did, or you’ll run out of money and you’ll need to go home – defeated by the roulette wheel

Bet ($) Result Profit ($) 
10 on Black Lose -10 
20 on Black Lose -20 
40 on Black Win 40 won on a 1:1 payout. 40 bet returned. 10 in total profit which nullifies the 30 that was lost in the last two rounds. 

The Labouchere System

The Labouchere System is somewhat similar to the Martingale System, but there are a few extra steps that need to be followed. This roulette betting strategy also has you increase the size of your bet after each loss but here you’ll start by setting a profit goal. I promise that this isn’t as complicated as it seems. All that you need to do is add the numbers of the total sum to create a sequence of bets that you’ll use. For example, $20 would equal (5-4-1-2-4-4), so your first bet will be 5 + 4, which equals $9.  

If you win, you’ll move on to the next two numbers, which in this case is 4 + 4. But if you lose, you’ll then add $9, which is the amount lost, to the sequence, so your next bet will be 9 + 4. This isn’t a very complicated online roulette strategy and I’ve found a moderate amount of success with it.   

The Reverse Labouchere System

Much like the standard system, the Reverse Labouchere System works by increasing the size of your bet with each successful round. This is among the more aggressive roulette tips that you can use, which means that it’s a high-risk, high-reward system. When you lose, you’ll remove the first and the last numbers of your goal and try again. Should you win, you’ll add the successful bet to the sequence.  

The Andrucci System

The Andrucci System follows the logic that over time the ball will land on every number on the wheel. This is more of a long-term strategy, and I would recommend that you place the lowest bet possible for the first 30 to 35 spins. Here you’ll need to write down the numbers that have come up for the next 15 to 25 spins. Then you’ll only choose the numbers that were written down. If you’re not keen on losing, then I’d suggest staying away from this system as it’s inspired by Chaos Theory. 

The D’Alembert System

The D’Alembert System stems from the Martingale System but it’s not as aggressive. However, it also follows the theory of progression. Here you’ll add a coin to your bet after each loss and a coin should be removed when you win. It’s a very simple betting system that focuses on even money bets like even/odd, black/red and 19 to 36/1 to 18. 

The Contra D’Alembert System

The Contra D’Alembert System is a roulette betting strategy that opposes the original D’Alembert System. Here you’ll only bet on 1:1 or ‘even chance’ wagers and with each win, a coin is added, and each loss sees a coin removed. 

Bet ($) Result Profit ($) 
Lose -5 
10 Lose -15 
15 Win 

The Fibonacci Roulette System

This is a system that uses a sequence of numbers that sees every bet as the total of two bets. Each loss will have you add a number to the sequence. Every win will have you go back two places to repeat a past bet. Using this roulette strategy to win means that you can only use ‘even money’ bets such as red/black or even/odd. This is a system that takes a while to get used to, but it can be quite lucrative if luck is on your side – it wasn’t on mine when I used it. 

The Paroli System

If you’re after a less aggressive approach to how to win at roulette then the Paroli System could be for you. Here you’ll double your bet after each successful bet, and you’ll keep doing this until you hit three consecutive wins. However, you won’t double your bet after a losing round.  

The 3 2 System

Here you’ll focus on two different bets, the column and the outside. The concept revolves around covering multiple sections in an attempt to balance the risk of losing. There are two options to this betting system. 

  • Option 1 – Bet two units on column two and three units on red
  • Option 2 – Bet two units on column three and three units on black.  

I haven’t found much success with this system because I’m impatient, and it takes a long time to see actual results. Before using this system, I suggest practising a free game, however, it is a decent American roulette strategy as you’re targeting various areas of the wheel. 

The 1 3 2 6 System

This betting system will have you increase your bet after each successful round. Once you lose, you’ll start from the beginning. If you keep winning, you’ll eventually start from scratch once again. Let’s say that you’re betting $5, with one chip being worth $5, on the first round, you’ll then bet $15 (3 chips), then $10 (2 chips) and finally $30 (6 chips).  

What Will Affect Your Strategy?

There are different factors to consider before using a particular strategy and I’ve made sure to make you aware of this – as my previous master completely forgot about it.  

Game Type

There are various varieties of roulette, each with a partially varied house edge. These little variations might have an impact on roulette tactics. For instance, if you’re employing an Andrucci technique, you’ll be attempting to determine which numbers appear the most frequently. As a result, you should be mindful that in certain game varieties, like American, there are more digits

Bet Sizes

On their roulette tables, all casinos have upper and lower limit wagers. And, as expected, these may greatly affect roulette techniques. A minimum wager is usually around $10, and a total stake is usually over $60,000. But they differ from one casino to the next. If you use Martingale, for instance, you may get stuck if you hit the maximum wager limit without recovering your prior losses. 

Payout Amounts

While employing any roulette technique, you must be mindful of the potential payoff values for each bet. This is not as straightforward as it appears in roulette. For instance, in 37-number roulette variants, the payoff stays 35:1. Similarly, payoff levels for certain bets, such as a five-number bet, have uniform payouts (in this example, 6:1 – making it a terrible bet altogether). 

Bad Strategies

When it comes to poor roulette strategies, trying to study patterns and the 666 System are the worst of the bunch. Roulette is a game of chance and RNGs ensure that every outcome is completely random. Therefore, there’s no pattern that can be studied to ensure that you get the correct bet. The 666 System usually results in a loss as it requires you to bet on as many numbers as possible. It also relies on the theory that the more numbers you bet on, the higher your odds are of winning. 


As you can see young grasshoppers, there are plenty of strategies to be used and some are superior to others. Most importantly, your goal is to find one that works for you and appeals to your game style. Play around with all of them, take notes and track your results. The one that gives you the most profit with your understanding of how it works is the best option to play at online casinos


What is the most successful roulette strategy and how do I use it? 

According to roulette strategy statistics, the most effective method is the Martingale System. This works by having you double the size of each bet after losing and sticking to black/red or even/odd bets. The theory behind this is that you should get back the money that you’ve lost after taking a bigger win. 

Is it possible to find a way to win roulette every time without cheating? 

There’s no roulette system that guarantees a win with every bet, as roulette is a game of chance. There are multiple strategies that can be used, but there’s always the possibility of losing. Fortunately, I’ve provided information on multiple strategies that can enhance your odds of winning. 

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