When is the Best Time to Double Down in Blackjack – Trusted Guide in 2024

Welcome back, young grasshopper! It’s Sensei Joe, and today I’m going to teach you something fascinating. Come into my dojo for this new adventure – but please, take off your shoes.  

When you double down, it’s the best way to show that you’re confident in your hand, however, the outcomes will vary. You’ll either be very happy that you did it or you’ll be the angriest person at the table – there’s no in between. So, join me as Gamble Sensei takes you on an adventure while teaching you all you need to know about doubling down. 

What Does it Mean to Double Down in Online Blackjack?

In online blackjack, a double down occurs when you multiply your wager by 2 at the midpoint of a hand. Thereafter, you’ll receive only one more card from the dealer. It’s dangerous because if you’re dealt a low-value card, you can’t hit once more, and you run the risk of forfeiting double the amount of cash. 

When playing, realising when and how to double down is critical. It’s all about striking the right balance between playing defensively and carrying the risk – ensuring that you have a distinct advantage. 

When You Should Double Down in Blackjack

Below you’ll find a chart which is essentially a “when to double down in blackjack chart”. Much like the charts that explain when to split and when to stand and so on, this chart is pretty straightforward. 

4-8 Decks and the Dealer Stands on 17

double down in blackjack table


  • S – Stand 
  • H – Hit 
  • P – Split 
  • Sh – Split if double after split is allowed. If not, then hit. 

4-8 Decks and the Dealer Hits on 17

dealer hits table in blackjack


  • S – Stand 
  • H – Hit 
  • P – Split 
  • Sh – Split if double after split is allowed. If not, then hit. 
  • Up – Surrender if you can, if not then split. 

These charts explain exactly when to split and double down in blackjack. There are also a handful of other options available. So, make sure that you understand how the chart works. 

When you’re doubling down, a vital thing to keep in mind is the casino’s regulations. The most fundamental of these will inform you when you can double down. Several online casinos only permit gamers to double down once their cards add up to 10 or 11. So, if you have another hand value, you must continue as usual. 

When Not to Double Down in Blackjack

Knowing when to double down in blackjack is as important as knowing when not to. Whenever the dealer shows an Ace, don’t ever double down. Simply stated, the odds of them getting 21 are far too significant. Even if they confirm and don’t have 21, they’ll almost certainly finish with a figure close to it. 

Whenever you’re revealing anything higher than 11, you should never double down because the odds of going bust will be too high. It’s preferable to merely hit or commit to a lower total and keep your fingers crossed that the croupier goes bust. 

Essentially, if you’re ever uncertain when to double down in blackjack, take the safe route and leave your bet alone.  


Doubling down is a great way to boost your profits, but it’s also a risky move. There are many moves that can be made, however, remember that just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should. Ultimately, when you double down, you should pay close attention to what you have and what the dealer has. Using this method at the wrong time can be catastrophic, and it can cost you a lot of money.  


What does double down mean in blackjack and is it important? 

When you double down in blackjack, you’re basically doubling the size of your bet. However, another critical component of this action is that you’ll accept one more card from the dealer. This can be a significant component of online or land-based blackjack. Check out the rest of the article to learn how to double down in blackjack. 

What happens when you double down in blackjack, and will it help? 

When you choose to double down, the size of your initial stake is multiplied by two, and you’re handed one more card by the dealer. This can be a great way to all and end the current round, especially if you end up with a strong hand that beats the dealer. 

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