Online Blackjack Odds: Learn Everything About Blackjack Odds of Winning

Welcome young grasshopper! It’s me – Sensei Joe, in case you’ve forgotten, and today we’re going to look at one of the more important gaming factors. Look, I’m far from a mathematician, but even I know that blackjack odds are a crucial aspect of the game. It’s very easy to get sucked into a game, more so if you’re on a winning streak. However, it can quickly come crashing down if you choose to ignore the probability of the game.  

Here we’ll be looking at the odds of winning blackjack and a host of other crucial elements that tie into the category. At the end of this segment, you’ll be more than capable of determining your odds of winning by simply looking at the cards in your hand. Furthermore, you’ll be able to play with confidence, which is always great, thanks to this blackjack odds guide by Gamble Sensei. 

Player Odds in Blackjack

Learning basic tactics are all it takes to reduce the house advantage in online blackjack. More sophisticated methods, such as card counting, have the possibility to increase the RTP rate even further. 

The casino site can lower a player’s odds. Live and land-based casinos can accomplish this by incorporating additional decks into the shoe, reducing payouts, and instituting stringent blackjack rules such as no doubling upon splitting. 

Acknowledging odds and how it impacts blackjack probabilities is critical for determining your edge in a game. This could increase payouts while decreasing the threat of losing cash on bad hands. Below you’ll find a table with the blackjack payout odds regarding going bust. For more details regarding odds, you can check out the blackjack odds calculator. 

Probability of Going BustHand Value 
100% 21 
92% 20 
85% 19 
77% 18 
69% 17 
62% 16 
58% 15 
56% 14 
39% 13 
31% 12 
0% 11 and lower 

Dealer Odds in Blackjack

In a round of blackjack, the casino dealer is often more likely to come out on top than you are. This is due to the benefit of coming in afterwards and making choices depending on your situation

Nevertheless, depending on the blackjack house regulations, the dealer probability can change. For instance, a blackjack live dealer who must remain on soft 17 does have a lower chance of winning than one who should hit on soft 17. 

The table that I’ve provided below shows how the possibility of a blackjack dealer busting varies based on the official rules. 

Probability to Stand on 17  The Dealer’s Card 
23% 10 
17% Ace 

Your odds of winning blackjack against dealer hands will always be difficult. But nothing’s impossible, so I will always recommend checking out the house rules before playing. 

The Odds of Winning at Blackjack

The probability of victory at blackjack can reach 42.22 percent. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that the casino wins 57.78 percent of the time. This is due to the fact that there is also a third potential outcome – a push. A push occurs in 8.48 percent of blackjack games, leaving the odds of a loss at a rate of 49.10 percent

These odds can change dramatically in some cases. It is determined by the blackjack version, the player and the dealer regulations, and your style of play. Players who do not use a strategic plan, for instance, will drastically reduce their chances to win the game. 

It’s ideal to use basic blackjack strategies to improve your odds and understand the best time to hit and also when to stand. If you’re keen to learn what are the odds in blackjack, then you can check out various tips on how to win at blackjack

Probability Explained

As previously stated, to get the most out of each session, you must first comprehend the odds that each variant provides. In blackjack, the probability is expressed as a percentage or rate, whichever you choose, and is used to calculate your chances of going bust or winning in a given situation. 

They are considered dynamic because they are impacted by a variety of variables. The blackjack odds dramatically change based on the game regulations, the house advantage, as well as the number of card decks used. 

One intriguing probability theory referred to as the decree of great numbers helps to clarify why casinos can still start making a profit in the future even when playing advantageous games like blackjack. Below you’ll find the RTP and the house edge vary, depending on the game variation. 

Variation RTP (%) House Edge (%) 
High Streak Blackjack 99.58 0.42 
European Blackjack 99.58 0.42 
Blackjack Surrender 99.61 0.39 
Bonus Blackjack 99.61 0.39 
Spanish Blackjack 99.62 0.38 
Atlantic City Blackjack 99.64 0.36 
Vegas Strip Blackjack 99.65 0.35 
Blackjack Switch 99.84 0.16 
Classic Blackjack 99.87 0.13 


Blackjack odds will always differ from one game to the next. However, there are plenty of variables that’ll determine what will affect the odds. Blackjack best odds will depend on the type of game that you’re playing. Naturally, each game uses a different amount of cards and so on. So, always take a closer look at what each game offers and how it works. After learning your odds you may want to try yourself at best online casinos the internet has to offer.


When you’re playing blackjack without a strategy, you’re simply using intuition to play the game. This isn’t the best approach, as you wouldn’t run into battle unprepared. The same can be said about blackjack, and the strategy that you use will determine whether you’re able to come out on top.  

Much like asking if the katana is better than the staff, it depends on your style of playing. There are numerous strategies out there that allow you to take advantage of the odds. It’s up to you to try different strategies to make the most out of how it works. 

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