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Are you tired of playing the same old real money slot games and would like to try new online slots? Or perhaps you are not sure which one to choose and play out of the numerous lists of the top new online slots? If yes, this information is for you! So sit back and let your Gamble Sensei introduce you to the new online slots. 

Why Play New Online Slots?

Slots constitute about 70% of online casino games and this invariably is a strong indication of their popularity. Online slots are easy to play, they offer a wide variety of themes, and there is always something new to try out.  

The design of slot machines and the way they appear has changed radically from the days of the fruit machine, a slot machine popularly known in Great Britain as “One-armed bandit”.  

But today, you don’t need to start looking for where to play new online slots, the best part about playing online slots is that you can do it from anywhere with an internet connection. You can be at home or even near new online slot machines to enjoy these new online slots games. All you have to do is log on (from desktops and smartphones) to any one of the many casinos that offer them and start spinning! 

Sensei Joe’s Top 6 New Online Slots 2024

The online slots industry is growing at a rapid pace, and believe me, it’s only going to get bigger as more people start playing the new online slots games on their various devices. 

I believe you are looking for something different than what you have been used to before, and that’s why I have decided to gratify you with this list of 6 new online slots in order for you to choose one and play. 

1 – Amazon Kingdom Slot

Amazon Kingdom slot by Just For The Win is an excellent game for those who would love to unleash their inner warrior and bag royal prizes. While it was designed as a follow up to Scarab Kingdom by the same producer, Amazon kingdom is a highly volatile game whose events take place on a 5-reel, 4-row game grid with RTP of up to 96.21% and 30 paylines. The game features a multiplier that increases by +1 per spin and a wild scroll that expands gradually. 

Amazon Kingdom slot comes with a classical Inca look which can also be found in other similar slots. In addition to the Inca look, this slot also has a drum-based soundtrack that beats rhythmically. 

This game sees players head to Amazon Rainforest in South America to try out new features and have the whole tribe (including the King, Queen, and the ancient tribal masks) come out to help on your quest to match across the reels. 

Features of Amazon Kingdom Slot

Bonus Symbols RTP: 96.21% 
Wild Scrolls Max Win: x5000 
Free Spins Reels: 5 
Queen’s Bonus Rows: 4 

Pros ✅

  • The wild scrolls expand gradually to fill reels 
  • The top-tier symbols come in different sizes up to 1×4 
  • It has an overall max win of 5000x your stake 
  • Random Queen’s Bonus w/ up to 5000x prices 

Cons ❌

  • It has adjustable RTP ranges 

2 – Holla Frutas Slot

Are you interested in sampling fruits on the beach through your device with a bit of imagination? If yes, here you have Holla Frutas online slot by Stakelogic, a classic tropical themed game that is somehow related to Fruit Storm also by Stakelogic. 

This slot has a 6 x 6 playing field, juicy fruits as symbols and cluster wins. The colourful symbols can certainly lift your mood while playing and the soundtrack allows you to wind down and relax after a long day, as you get plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. 

Hola Frutas slot is definitely an option for you if you are the type that fantasises an island getaway. The theme features colourful flowers, palm trees, sea, boat, waterfalls, sun, sand and a calm breeze. You get to play the base game under the accolades of the daytime sun and free spins at sunset. 

Hola Frutas is a medium/high volatility game that is available to play on all devices. It has an RTP of 95.8% and regular bets ranging from 0.10€ to 10€ per person. 

Features of Hola Frutas Slot

Cascades Reels: 6 
Free Spins Rows: 6 
Wave Paylines: Scatter Pays 
Multiplier Symbols RTP: 95.80% 
Buy Bonus Max Win: x10,000 

Pros ✅

  • Random symbol removal on losing spins 
  • Multiplier symbols up to x100 
  • Super stake gives you base game multipliers 
  • Win up to 10,000x your stake 
  • FS w/ randomly chosen sticky streak symbol 

Cons ❌

  • It has adjustable RTP ranges 

3 – MexoMax Slot

Are you eager to embark on an adventure filled with hidden treasures? MexoMax slot by Yggdrasil Gaming is a Mayan-themed game for an adventurous player who is fascinated about the Ancient Mayan civilizations. MexoMax slot is one of the top new online slots with amazing theme. 

The theme features an ancient dense forest – that means players find themselves in a flourishing forest full of exotic flowers and shivering plant life. There is a snake slithering on the right-hand side of the reels, so if you are the type that gets the willies from snakes, try not to look at the right side of the screen.  

It also comes with a calm ancient soundtrack which helps improve the visuals while making the gameplay quite electrifying. It is a super high volatile game with several forms of RTPs (96% being the highest). It combines various features including cascading wins, multipliers, free spins and extra wilds to boost your potential of winning up to x10,000 of your stake. 

Features of MexoMax Slot

Wilds and Multipliers Reels & Rows: 6 
Free Spins Paylines : Cluster Pays 
Chest RTP: 96.0% / 94.0% / 90.5% / 86.0% 
Golden Bet Hit Frequency: 21.28% 
Gamble Max Win: x10,000  

Pros ✅

  • Chests award up to 100x or bonus round 
  • It has good kit of options 
  • Reel multipliers can combine in base game + free spins 
  • Reel multipliers can only increase during free spins 
  • Win up to 10,000x your stake 

Cons ❌

  • It has adjustable RTP ranges and can be picked up by the casino from the scope 
  • It is highly volatile 

4 – Gorilla Mayhem Slot

Does it fascinate you to try out your luck on muscular jungle creatures? Or is it their strength and stamina, ability to walk on all fours, or the ability to literally sleep anywhere in the wild that bring about the reminiscence of our ancestors who are still stuck in the jungle? Whichever way, you can now try your luck on one of the best new online slots

Gorilla Mayhem by Pragmatic Play is a 5 reels 4 rows, high volatility slot with 20 paylines and an RTP of 96.5%. Players find themselves in the deep bush of Gorilla Mayhem where animals appear to rule. 

Here, the golden wild multiplier singles out the top tier symbol for the largest possible wins, and the bonus round can be purchased after the base game with an ability to win 10, 15, or 20 free spins when 3, 4, or 5 scatters land respectively. 

Features of Gorilla Mayhem Slot

Free Spins Retrigger 
Wild Multipliers Reels: 5 
Buy Feature Rows: 4 
Collect Symbols RTP: 96.5% 
Level Up Max Win: x5,000 

Pros ✅

  • Golden gorilla wilds are always x3 on level 3 
  • You can win up to x5,000 your stake 
  •  It has a dependable gameplay and big potential 
  • It has a free demo slot play 

Cons ❌

  • It has adjustable RTP ranges. 

5 – Magic Money Maze Slot

Do you want to play new online slots that are based on board games such as Monopoly, Clue and D&D? If yes, then this new free online slots is for you! 

Magic Money Maze slot is a new online slots game that is played on 5 reels, 3 rows and comes with 10 fixed paylines and an RTP of 96.61% which is a healthy RTP well above the average RTPs for online slots. Its theme is all about money, where you lose yourself in the maze. But it’s also all about former American Presidents and close advisors, with 4 prominent faces dominating the reels – Washington, Lincoln, Franklin and Hamilton. 

There are no animations in the background, the design is basic. There is an upbeat western vibe with a hint of the US National Anthem when you land on one of the prominent figures. It’s worth a try. 

Features of Magic Money maze

Arrows Presidents 
Cash Values Reels: 5 / Rows: 3 
Heart RTP: 96.61% 
Snake Paylines: 10 
Scorpion Max Win: x10,000 

Pros ✅

  • It has a fun bonus feature 
  • It has a 96.61% RTP which is higher than average RTPs for an online slot 
  • You can win up to x10,000 your stake 
  • The theme in the Magic Money Maze slot is all about money

Cons ❌

  • The game is highly volatile 

6 – Mad Cars Slot

The main job of automobiles is to get to a particular point B from point A, with maybe a quick stop along the way. This exactly is what Mad Cars slot by Push Gaming does, only with a little spice in a post-apocalyptic streetcar race setting. 

Mad Cars Slot is thought to be the new online slot machine equivalent of the fast and furious. I’m sure GTA fans will love it. This game is a 5-reel, 6-row new online slot game with 50 paylines and RTPs ranging from 96.39% to 88.49%. 

The reels are filled with characters that have a cyberpunk appearance, a gangster equivalent of fluffy dice, padded steering wheels and a spanner which can be used as a weapon via a chain attached to its core. I don’t think you’d want to turn down this game if you fancy a streetcar racing

Features of Mad Cars Slot

Boost Reel Reels: 5 
Mad Bonus Feature Rows: 6 
Bonus Buy Paylines: 50 
Free Spins RTP: 96.39% / 95.36% / 94.44% / 90.32% / 88.49% 
Instant Prize Car Symbol Max Win: x25,000 

Pros ✅

  • The game has a brilliant design/visuals 
  • Unique twist on modifier/bonus symbols 
  • You can win up to x25,000 your stake 

Cons ❌

  • It is highly volatile 
  • It has adjustable RTP ranges. 


Have you found some new online slots you would like to try out? Congratulations on finding what you were looking for. As each new online slot has different rules, I recommend you go through them thoroughly before you play. Good luck to you as you make your decisions and start playing at online casinos


Is it safe to play new online slots games? 

Most new online slots games are safe to play, especially those I’ve referenced here on my list. However, it is necessary you do your own research as well, as the benefits of making your own research cannot be ignored. 

Can I play new online slots real money? 

Yes, you can play and win real money by playing this set of new online slots. All you need to do is find an online casino that offers real money slots and then create an account. Then you will be able to play these new free online slots for real money.

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